What's New on the Farm?

What's New on the Farm?

2022 was a great year for Skipper Family Farms

We started selling our syrups, preserves, and coffees. We added so many new products.


We started attending a lot of market/vendor events. It's a lot of work but it's so much fun!  We enjoy getting our products into our customer's hands.  We offered samples of our products which seem to go very well.  I think our customers really enjoy getting to taste all our products.


We are Georgia Grown certified and love to proudly display our products at any Georgia Grown event.  Our products are all natural and no preservatives and made from all Georgia grown produce, except for our coffees.  The beans are grown in Ecuador but roasted and ground right here in Georgia.  We have four flavors.  Douglas, Harriett's Secret, Annie Ruth, and John Franklin.



We planted an additional 1200 Christmas trees this year.  Our first field of trees will be ready to open to our customers in 2024.

They have grown a good bit since this photo was taken but I assure you that they will be ready!

This year also brought many blessings, but our biggest was the birth of our first grandchild.  Douglas Rhett Skipper is our 5th generation and hopefully we are leaving a legacy for him to continue when he is grown.  

 We have begun the tear out and renovation project for our giftshop.  It may open late this fall 2023 but will have an official opening in November 2024.  We are planning big things for our Spirit of Christmas Tree Farm.  One of many being a free concert and Blessing of the Farm service.

Each family member has taken on different roles here on the farm.

I am Debbie.  I do all the office work, trim, stake, and tie the Christmas trees.  I manage the day-to-day operations of our online store. Get us registered for markets, etc. I am the farmer's wife.




My husband, Neil, keeps the farm running. 

He gets everything planted, sprayed, fertilized, etc.  He works very hard and it's a lot of early mornings and late nights.  Most days it's late suppers and missed vacations because farming can't wait until it's a convenient time.  I wouldn't choose any other life though.  It's his legacy, his father before him, and his grandfather's legacy he is carrying on with.  



This is the only thing that slows him down!


Our daughter Haley and Son-in-Law Seth

Haley is a full time Nurse Practitioner for Vascular Surgery while helping as much as possible with all our marketing needs, social media and website.  She is a little slave driver! LOL!  And, oh did I mention she show reining horses?  Seth handles keeping the grass cut around the farm, helps with baling hay, and our electrical needs, and A/C needs while working fulltime as a supervisor for the Board of Education.  



Our son and daughter-in-law

Our son, Jacob, is the strong hand mechanic of the family.  He tends to any needs we have on the machinery here.  He shows up to help when the hay is ready and any other thing that might need to be done around here.  He became a father this year and I tell you it sure made this momma proud!  I can honestly say that I have never seen my son more happy about anything in his life.  His wife Alexis....well her main job is seeing about our 5th generation farmer.


Our Grandbaby

Douglas Rhett Skipper 5th Generation Farmer


Thank you all for supporting our farm adventures.  I hope you have enjoyed the little catch up tidbits.  I have attached a few more photos so you can enjoy and love our farm like we do!





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