It all started when John Franklin Skipper asked Annie Ruth to marry him. They were given 45 acres of land as a wedding gift and moved into their new farmhouse in 1912.   There's a lot of history in this old house.  One day we will have to post that for you.

They later bought an additional 45 acres to complete the farm. They made their living growing cotton, corn, wheat, and a variety of vegetable crops. In the back was a syrup mill drawn by a mule, where he made cane syrup and sold it for twenty-five cents a gallon. Mrs. Skipper worked hard to help make ends meet by selling eggs, chickens, hand churned butter, milk, and fresh flowers from her garden, all while raising ten children.  Whew!  At least they had plenty of farm hands! 

As times have changed so has our farming operation. The house is still standing and being lived in today. We now grow pecans and have choose and cut Christmas trees.   Just look at this baby tree!  Isn't it cute? 



Our children and their spouses have joined in our family legacy. 


They help us with everything from planting, mowing, to harvesting.  To say the least, it takes a village to keep this farm running. 

 We are a certified Centennial farm, which means our farm has been in operation for over one hundred years.  We are the oldest working farm in our county and surrounded by development.  The saying "Daddy won't sell the farm" that pretty much sums it up!


We are proud to be a member of Georgia Grown.  Everything we sell online and in our store front, is Georgia grown and locally crafted items.  We believe in supporting our own local craftsman and our Georgia farmer friends.

With God’s grace, our hard work, and the love of our land, we strive to offer you the very best pecans and pecan products that mother nature gives us. We hope you enjoy all these Georgia Grown products as much as we do.


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