We hope you enjoy the photos and get to see a little of what we do here on the farm.

 Opening Day of Choose and Cut Trees will be November 26, 2024

 Please enjoy these photos as you make your plans to visit us!


 Three Generations of Farmers in one photo.

  Rhett is our 5th generation Skipper.


  Celebrating the matriarch of the family.  Her 83rd birthday with her three Great Grandchildren.


 Trees got a little frost on them this morning!  We call that a Georgia snow!  That's about our extent of white we get!


  It may be my favorite photo yet!  Just as the sun was starting to make its appearance, God gave us a show!



Planting Christmas Trees
Christmas trees will be ready November 26, 2024 Had a hard freeze!



Round and square bale horse hay for sale2023 will bring horse quality round and square bale hay.  Contact us if you need any.


We LOVE doing vendor markets!

 Fall Line Brewery Market



  Vendoring with Georgia Grown at the Mulberry Street Arts and Craft Festival during Cherry Blossom Festival 2023
Vendoring at the 2022 GA Grown Christmas Extravaganza
The sign says "NO SMOKING", but our products are SMOKING HOT! Georgia Grown Christmas Extravaganza





Wreaths, swags, and centerpieces








Animal Crossing


 Meet Henry, Hank, and Hugo
Hank has questions!  Where are the treats?
The newest addition.  Meet Dolly and her baby "Maggie"