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Charcuterie cutting board

Charcuterie cutting board

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Why do we have our custom board double labeled?

Well it's simple, when we began to work with our local wood master we wanted a cutting board that doubled as a stylish piece you could quickly pull out and serve your favorite charcuterie snacks on. Our board is 6x12 inches, approximately 1 in. thick and made from on the best Hickory we can find. 

Our boards are made local to our farm and include juice runs incase you use the board to cut your favorite fruits and vegetables, the juice will go into the runs. 

Our logo has been branded into the board with a metal iron so there are no dyes or ink that you need to worry about contaminating your board. 

Looking for a corporate gift? Would your logo look awesome on this board? Please send us a message for more information. 

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